Yesterday I was driving with my toddler, Charlie. We were in route to pick up dinner since we were busy and I didn't have time to make anything.

I was cruising along 2nd Street in Waite Park (over by the Babe Ruth ball fields) and noticed I had a guy on my bumper that was tailgating me like crazy. Eventually he went around me and sped off like a crazy person. And, happened AGAIN.

I thought, "COME ON, DUDE! I'm already going 5 miles over to keep up with traffic!" I knew this guy was going way too fast. I moved over to the slow lane because this guy isn't the only speed demon on this road. Unfortunately some people treat it like a free for all.

This isn't my only encounter on 2nd Street either. I drive this road all of the time to get from my house to the mall and pretty much everywhere else in Waite Park. It's crazy. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour but people drive like 45-50 on this road. It's kind of insane.

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I'm not trying to be the fun police, but there's a splash pad, public park and a baseball field on that stretch. People could definitely stand to drive a little slower in that area.

Have you noticed the same thing on this stretch of road? Is there another road in central Minnesota that you think people drive way too fast on? Comment below.

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