I live close to St. Cloud Technical & Community College and fairly recently, there has been an addition of a "No Right Turn" signal light at that intersection.

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I've literally, on two separate occasions, been in my kitchen and heard a crash at that intersection. Both times I called 911 because it sounded like a horrible crash.

I'm guessing that the number of accidents at this intersection has a direct correlation with the new addition of the "No Right Turn" signal light that has been added. Although I appreciate the effort and hope that it has been reducing the number of overall accidents at this intersection, It's going to get me in trouble.


I have an issue with "The Timing" of this light. Whenever I pull up to turn right at this intersection, I always look at the light first. I then look left...then right....then left...then right, then back at the light.

My problem is, the "No Right Turn" signal light always illuminates as I'm accelerating to turn...and I don't catch it until I'm already into the turn.  This has happened to me three times. This morning, I realized that the timing of the change is a problem....for me anyway.

Maybe my reaction time is just slowing down as I get older, but three times, I've felt guilty because I've looked in all directions multiple times before taking the turn, and then as I'm in the turn, I see the light is on. Too late to stop.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what I can do about it. I can try harder? But I know it's going to happen again. As I think about all of the workings of that intersection, I'm sure the timing of the light is okay, but maybe, I need a yellow flashing light before it changes. It goes from literally being able to go to, it's too late, and I'm already gone.


I'm not exactly sure if this will make a difference or not, but you can contact the city of St. Cloud about the malfunctioning timing of traffic lights by calling 320.650.2900.

Any suggestions? Send them to me at


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