When I woke up for work at 4 am on Wednesday, July 8th I looked outside and saw pink as the sun came up. I've always heard "pink sky at morning sailors take warning", but I didn't think it would be more than just some light rain showers and some heat lightening.  After all, there was a heat advisory set for today.

A look at the weather radar indicated otherwise.

Before 8 AM I had been sent four special weather statements and seen that Wadena had a tornado warning. My mom had even sent me a video of crazy wind that was going through the Long Prairie area.

My fiance works road construction and had to head up to the Foreston area today for a project, and while he was there he got some pictures of intense looking clouds rolling through.

Storms over Foreston, Wednesday July 8th.

I got a follow-up message from him shortly after the cloud pictures saying that it was pouring rain.

More storms are set to happen Wednesday afternoon:

Thunderstorms are expected Wednesday afternoon into Thursday as a front passes. Severe storms are possible, primarily Wednesday afternoon into the evening, with the primary risks being gusty winds and large hail.

In addition to the storms there is a heat advisory in effect from 11 am - 8 pm on July 8th. Try to stay in the AC, stay hydrated, stay out of the sun if possible, and make sure you are checking on friends and relatives.

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