This is my son, Tanner. Tanner is walking with the graduating "Class of 2018" from Princeton High School tonight at 7 pm.

I'm very proud of who this boy has become. Tanner loves people. Tanner loves animals. Tanner has a great sense of humor, and a love for drawing. Tanner is a thoughtful and passionate person, who cares for his family and friends.

Kelly Cordes

It seems like only yesterday, he was playing with his trains, his Godzilla...his R2D2. Tanner was involved in Marching Band with his friends back in West Liberty Ky. He continued playing alto saxophone through his years in Princeton, having soloed recently during one of the high school performances. I was very proud to watch him perform his solo perfectly. He's the kid who always does his homework, gets great grades, and listens to his Mom.

Kelly Cordes

Tanner is one of the most honest people you'll ever meet. If you ask him to do something, he does it. He's a very private kind of guy, and if you ask him to keep a secret, he'll take it to his grave.

Tanner loves cats, dogs, and if I'd let him, he'd have reptiles too. I thought maybe he would pursue a career in a field involving animals, but he also loves to draw, and create comics. He is going to be attending college at St. Cloud Technical and Community College,  pursuing a career in Mechanical Drafting, and product development.

I'm very proud of my son; for working hard in school; for being a wonderful son. For being a great friend. For always trying; reaching out to meet new people. For being a caring individual and so much fun. For being unique...for celebrating every holiday like it's the last...For standing for what he believes in. He is very very special.

Congratulations Tanner! I love you with all my heart.