I love a good thunderstorm and there's a possibility we will see some in Central Minnesota later tonight!

There's just something about thunderstorms that I absolutely love.  I like watching the lightning and listening to the thunder.  The sound of rain falling might possibly be one of the most soothing sounds ever.  Not to mention it just feels cozy when you're snuggled up on the couch while Mother Nature does her thing.

One of my favorite things to do while it's storming out is sit by a window and read a good mystery novel.  There's nothing like the suspense teamed up with the sound of thunder clapping  and lightning striking.  Watching a movie comes in second and sleeping a distant third.

I sincerely hope we end up getting a mild storm tonight, it will solidify that spring has arrived here in Minnesota!

What is your favorite thing to do during a thunderstorm?


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