Buzzfeed just put out a new survey about how many people consider certain texting moves as offensive. The list is long. Just curious if you've ever been on this list; cause I certainly have. It's a good time for us to take a look at ourselves.

  1. Do you text WHILE you're on a date? Seriously? If you are doing this and it's not with your kids back home, then I'd rather be home than with you.
  2. Texting at a movie theater. I'll give you the first few minutes to remember to turn your phone off..but come on. Once the show has started, there's no excuse.
  3.  Texting while you're out to dinner with friends. Why didn't you invite the person your texting?
  4. Replying with a lower case  'k.'
  5. Sending one word
  6. Intentionally waiting to respond to a have to figure out what you're doing before you answer that.
  7. Walking and Texting...very very dangerous.
  8. Texting someone who is in the SAME room.
  9. Using a ton of Emoji's...Sorry....I'm not trying to offend you. I love Emoji's!
  10. Texting LONG paragraphs...Oh my...That's me too.

I obviously need to work on my texting.

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