We may have lost the game that would carry us to the end this year, but we still have lots to celebrate; an absolutely GREAT Vikings season (THANK YOU VIKINGS!) and we are hosting the big game!   The Patriots have definitely had their day in the sun...over and over again...It would still be nice to see the underdog take it home.

This is our opportunity to show the world what Minnesota Nice REALLY MEANS! What is good sportsmanship? Fun jabs...not mean jabs.

Let's not forget that the Eagles fans that we saw in the news, do not represent the vast majority of Eagles fans...Nor do the bad Viking vibes we see represent us. DO THEY?



I think we need to go above and beyond to show our Minnesota nice as the host of the Superbowl. We have a responsibility to the rest of the WORLD, to show what kindness means.  Bury Ignorance! Show some intelligence!   So lets speak to the Eagles in their own language

  1. Say "YO Adrian!" to everyone as the enter the stadium.
  2.  COME ON EAGLES...WIN THIS JAWN!.Apparently "JAWN" is used to replace any object in Philadelphia. So think of a phrase that you could use JAWN in.
  3. What we call Italian Ice...They call WATER ICE.  Make them feel at home with some WATER ICE sales in the stadium.  NOTE: They sometimes add a little custard to it.  What the?????
  4. You is plural in Philly.  YOUSE.  So make them feel at home...."How Youse Doin Eagles!"
  5. Make this YOUR Year! They've been saying the same things we Vikes have been saying. Since they beat us, I'd like to see them go all the way.
  6. Offer them some Cheesesteak hotdish "whiz cheese wit onions".  Not With Cheese and onions.  They Whiz Wit is their language.
  7. Become Uber drivers and drop the Eagles off a couple blocks aways from the new stadium. (NO don't do it...)  or at various wrong locations. ( really...don't do it..but it IS a funny idea.)
  8. Invite them over for Tator Tot Hot Dish.
  9. Offer them some Minnesota craft beers...or some Minnesota NICE juice.
  10. If you  want the patriots to win you can always say...."Maybe next year"  before the game.  (Ouch....that's not nice.)  DO it with a Minnesota SMILE.


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