And the gifts keep on coming.

Brittany has started thinking about when she would want to have her baby shower, but the way things are going... I'm not sure she'll need one. Last weekend Brittany and I went to my mom's house and came home with the "pack and play" pictured above. We went down for marriage counseling, to bring my mom her birthday present (a new recliner) and to have some fun with the family.

As you see here, we had a lot of fun and didn't expect anything but a goodbye hug and a "see ya later"... instead, we received the pack and play on the way out from "the kids" (my nieces and nephew), at least that's the way their MOM put it. An excited aunt-to-be, first time grandparents and one grandma, who has three grand kids already (but is excited again, cause this is the first grandchild I helped in making for her)... we're surrounded by excited people who want to make sure we're ready to go by the time this kid is born.

Brittany and I appreciate and are thankful for all they have done already, but we may have to tell them, "just hang on to the gifts for now, wait for the shower", just so Brittany can actually have a shower.