Today is World Teacher Day; an opportunity for all of us to think back; and remember and recognize those teachers that made a difference in our lives. While all of them had a bigger impact that what any of us can realize, sometimes there are a few that stand out from the crowd. When the teacher recognizes a student for things that make them shine, it's their actions that can change the outcome of a persons entire life.

Kelly Cordes/Facebook
Kelly Cordes/Facebook


I attended Princeton Senior High School back in the 80's.  This woman, Pat Feit was our Choir Director. She was also a very talented performer. I never saw someone so passionate about music. She was always animated in class...she engaged students. She wasn't afraid to be herself.

She not only taught choir, she was a professional musician! A performer! Amazing! Mrs. Feit gave us variety and opportunities to express ourselves. She took us to New York City, where we performed in a beautiful cathedral, watched Tommy Two Tone and Twiggy star in a musical, and then she took us to another. She was always happy; full of energy; and whether she really had interest in all of us or not; had a way of making each of us feel special.

Mrs. Feit went the extra mile with me. She would play piano for me when I entered talent contests, and she had to take a lot of time out of Her life to contribute to mine. To this day; I don't know WHY she did it; but she did.

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