So...I'm as shocked as you are. Auditioning for NBC's "The Voice" is never easy. The last time I was given an audition time, was when The Voice came to Minneapolis several years ago. At that time I had an audition scheduled for the morning. I got to the venue at 5 am, waited outside and walked around the building in a long, long line until about 9 am, and then proceeded to stay in various rooms of herded cattle until it was finally narrowed down to 12 people in a small room with one judge.  Any one of the 12 people that I was with in that room could have been a star. After 6 hours of waiting for an audition, I sang for my 1 minute and 30 seconds , and out the door I went, and released back onto the streets at about Noon.

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I attempted at a couple other auditions...and never received a call back. These were video auditions.

About a month ago I saw that the Open Call Virtual Auditions were happening.  I signed up and received a note that no time slots were available.


Yesterday, I received another note encouraging me to try again. I did...and I was shocked...they had sent me 3 days with various time slots to choose from. I still couldn't believe it...thinking that once I picked a time slot that I would receive a note saying...sorry....we are full.  That's not what happened this time. This time...I received an audition!

They sent me an actual scheduled time slot for my virtual audition, with tips on how to make sure my audition goes well. Again, it's 1 minute and 30 seconds that I have to perform; but at least I'm able to stay home, and not have to wait 6 hours for the audition.

For those of you who know me; as you can imagine; I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I have ONE MINUTE AND 30 SECONDS to show them that I can sing. What should I sing? Do I sing a country song? Rock? This is going to drive me crazy. I audition next week. Wish me luck!

If you have suggestions of what you think I should sing, please let me know. Send me your ideas to



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