Minnesotan's are the most unique people out of any state in the U.S. for some reason. These 30 ways you know you're from Minnesota might explain why.

  1. You’re unbelievably excited when Mom says she’s making her tater tot hot dish.
  2. Someone was rude, but you come up with a reason why you shouldn’t get mad at them.
  3. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t be saying it at all.”
  4. “Can you grab me a pop?”
  5. You’re so excited to head up north to the cabin for the weekend.
  6. Even though we may not be the best team in the NFL, we've still got that Purple Pride and we’re not ashamed.
  7. Wind chill factor of -45 degrees? School cancelled? Nah.
  8. MOA? I’d rather go somewhere with fewer tourists, thank you…
  9. Your family starts the "long Minnesotan goodbye" a good hour before everyone needs to be out the door on holidays.
  10. Summer? Haha, you mean "construction season!" Looks like it’s time to build in an extra 45 minutes to your commute time, pal.
  11. You know that we’re actually the land of 11,842 lakes, not just 10,000. That’s for amateurs.
  12. Mosquitos hold a special hatred in you heart.
  13. “It's 40 degrees outside? Yes! It's finally shorts season!”
  14. “How far away is it?” “67 miles.” “No, I mean how long will it take me to get there?”
  15. When you were little, going to the bathroom before you got all your snow gear on was top priority before you could go play outside.
  16. “They hit a deer the other night” Is a common topic on lunch break.
  17. The Great Minnesota Get-Together is your favorite time of year.
  18. You get annoyed when someone from out of state asks if there’s snow on the ground in July. Believe it or not, we actually do have about four months of really nice warm weather.
  19. Shoveling in January is a better workout than any personal trainer could ever give you.
  20. The high school state hockey tournament in March is just about as big of a deal as March Madness.
  21. You know what Iowa really stands for. ;-)
  22. Wisconsin people just strengthen your Minnesota pride.
  23. The weather alert bar at the bottom of the screen isn’t alarming during the summer months.
  24. It’s "duck, duck, grey duck," not "duck, duck, goose."
  25. The Packers are 100 percent the enemy. At all times. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.
  26. “No, I do not have an accent.” “Noooooo, I do not!”
  27. “Where’s the closest Caribou?”
  28. “Can I borrow a hair binder?”
  29. Target is your one-stop shop. Several times a week.
  30. Over half of your friends’ last names end in -son.

Source: Odyssey

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