Minnesotans are nice overall, but we do get mad at things, especially when you say these things to us. It's pretty easy to get along with the coolest people in the country otherwise.

If you have been to Minnesota, you know we have most all the things you'll find in many other states, we're not all farm fields and flannel ya know! We are proud people who love where we live and keep a nice place. Don't poke a stick at us though, the 'Minnesota nice' can be tucked away if we desire.


The folks at Matador Network hit the nail on the head with their list of how to make a Minnesotan mad.

Everything from turning down our hot dish, to telling us we sound like Sarah Palin. No, don't reference the movie Fargo either. We don't act like that, nor sound like that (well most of us don't!).

Just remember, we take a while to say our goodbyes, so be patient and we'll all get along perfectly.

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