Just look at this guy. If you were ever looking for the perfect lap dog, you have found him. His name is Crawford, and he is a 9-year-old basset hound black lab mix, who is 45 pounds of pure love. I think he's perfect, because he loves everyone, just like my little Gloria. He loves older kids, or kids that are kind to dogs, cats, other dogs, people, and snuggling, and he's potty trained!


Crawford has been able to "hold it" for 8 hours when crated at his Foster home. He would be considered to be a medium-sized dog.


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Crawford is described as an affectionate, adorable goofball. He loves being petted and he loves your attention. His favorite things to do are give you kisses, cuddling, going for walks, and chowing down on delicious treats. Crawford knows NO strangers.

If you are looking for your companion dog, he wants to be yours. Crawford will follow you anywhere and he loves to cuddle up with his person on the couch.

I can't think of a better dog, can you? If you need to go somewhere, just toss a treat in his crate, and he'll climb right in and wait for you to get back home.


If you are interested in Crawford, you can learn more about him by contacting Grey Face Rescue. You can email them at greyfacerescue@gmail.com.

Crawford is 9 years old and mostly deaf, but he can sometimes hear in certain octaves and you will notice that he perks right up.

Gloria, my little chug, was a Grey Face Rescue as well. She was 7 or so when I brought her home, and has brought me so much joy. The older dogs have tons of love to give, and it's nice to not have to go through the puppy-destroying stage.  You may need Crawford as much as he needs you.


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