A Catio, is an outdoor patio for you cats. I have housecats and can't let them roam outside as I live in between two busy streets in St. Cloud. But both of them have been outdoor cats, so it didn't seem fair that I never let them outside again? That seemed cruel.


So I decided to put Sampson's big kennel to good use. Sampson was my Great Dane, that passed away a little over a year ago; and I finally decided that in remembrance of him, we could bring life back to his kennel, for his cat buddy Mr. Bean, and our new addition Pneuma.

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First Take an empty kennel. You can have a big or small one, but if it's big It really is nice, as you can sit inside with your cats if you want.  I cleaned off an area of my small patio outside my sliding glass doors in the kitchen, as it's an easy way for me to get the cats in and out of the house, without much chance of them getting away.

It works perfectly and they love it! I hope you do too!


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