My Ren Fest Experience 2017!

Once a year, I like to head to the Ren Fest, and step back in time. Other than the humidity and heat putting a literal damper on the day, it was really great this year!

One of my favorite things to see each year is the Black Isle's Bellydancers group.

They are a group of bellydancers and amazing musicians that play a variety of music. Each day of the Renfest, they perform 5 diffferent shows, so you can attend each show and it will be different than the one before. Tasteful and talented, the dancers and musicians really do an amazing job.

Kelly Cordes/Facebook
Kelly Cordes/Facebook


This year there was a Viking Camp set up, where you could learn about Viking life. There were also a lot of people who dressed up in their Viking attire.


There were so many crafts, paintings, and other artwork...You could spend your whole paycheck and not get enough.

Food? Lets see...We wanted to try so many things....but we ended up getting crepes with strawberries and cream, which, by the way...were perfect.  Although we could have gone old school and eaten turkey legs, and enjoyed pickle slushies, we chose to do the modern day thing. Cheese curds, pepperoni pizza, and of course freshly made chocolate chip cookies. The lines for the really awesome foods of yesteryear were too long for us to stand in.


Although I didn't go through it this year,  I love the forest of fairies and mermaids. They also had a great section for kids to meet princesses, where they could dress up and meet royalty. The jousting and shows are always fun. There's a lot to do.. a lot to see...hear and eat!


I actually couldn't believe there weren't people passed out all over the grounds, considering the heavy and warm outfits people were wearing. We drank lots of water, and the Renfest had a shower spray for people to walk under if they needed to cool off.


Next year, I think I want to dress up, bring my kids, who would totally rock the outfits... and pick a cooler weekend to go. The Renfest also has big shows that you can partake in. Like full 4 course meals and a show that last two hours. I MIGHT consider that as well.


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