Christmas is always a special time of year and this year I was happy to dress up as Santa Claus and deliver some gifts!

Brittany and I headed down to her parents house to celebrate Christmas this year and they have some fun traditions. One of those traditions is somebody dressing up as Santa Claus and going to a family friends house to deliver gifts.

This year the gifts were for the grand kids of the family friend and since all the young kids know Brittany and her family, I was asked to dress up as Santa and bring the gifts over. And I had a blast.

Santa headed over to the families home and when I knocked, they had Tayton answer the door and when he opened that door, his face lit up and took running saying, "it's Santa, it's Santa"... he had a priceless look on his face.

Santa came in the house, was talking with all the boys, Tayton, Camden and Grady, and then it was gift time!

OOOOOOPPPS! Mom and Dad forgot to put names on the gifts... good thing they were there though, I think it was mom who said, "oh Santa, that one must be for Camden"... I did everything I could not to laugh. It was a very funny moment. So, by process of elimination, Santa gave all the good boys their gifts and with the help of mom, dad, grandma and grandpa, we had all the right gifts to the right kids.

Camden and Tayton are around six-years-old, so they were talking with Santa and having a good time and then when Santa went to pick up baby Grady, who is maybe a little over a year old, Grady didn't like Santa. I made the baby cry.

It was a very fun night delivering gifts and talking with the boys. Hopefully I make a return as Santa for the boys next year... although, I did make a baby cry. Oops.

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