Since Ashli and I are going to be crafting like nobody's business over the next few weeks, I figured I had better see what I had for skills in this area.  Aside from a few super-easy projects, I'm pretty much a novice.

Ashli gave me some ideas of where to look at projects and I came across one that I thought my mom would love!  The theme in her new kitchen is pine cones (seriously, she has A LOT of pretty pine cone things, so it's not big deal to add one more!)  I saw this particular project at Crafts Direct.

I will say it was pretty easy for the most part.  I struggled with cutting my paper properly (measurements were never my thing) and tying the twine so it looked nice.  Other than that, it went pretty smoothly.


Pinecone Shadow Box
Katie Kartak


Overall, I'm really pleased with the ease of the project and how it turned out. Yes, if you examine it closely you'll see some flaws but luckily for me, I made this for my mom, which means she has to love it just because I made it!

If you want to make this piece for your home, you can check out the project here.


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