This turkey is not just a turkey - it's a keepsake. Your child's hand print becomes the turkey on a shirt that they can wear on Thanksgiving and you can keep forever. And if you don't know how to sew, don't worry, I'll get you around that little obstacle.

laney's turkey shirt

Grab one of your kids' t-shirts. The one with the chocolate ice-cream stain down the front is perfect because you'll be cutting it right out. Trace their hand-print onto the t-shirt and cut it out. Take another scrap of fabric and pin it, with the right side facing through your cutout, to the inside of your shirt.

turkey hand

Now, if you sew, just sew around the edges of the cutout. Then stitch on some legs, sew a button for the eye and add red felt for the wattle.

If you don't sew (or don't want to) use a little fabric glue or some fusible web to fasten the fabric in your cutout. Heck, use some double sided tape. They do it during fashion shows all the time so it will just elevate your turkey shirt to high fashion! Then use some fabric paint for the eye, legs and wattle.

I also added my girl's name and the date just to ensure a little teary eye action when I pull it out years from now.

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