I was looking forward to the wooden spool turkey after two straight days of turkey crafts that involved glue and a three-year-old. Mixing the two resulted in one of our cats now sporting googly eyes and me feeling a little dizzy from the fumes.


The wooden spool turkey uses just tape, card stock, feathers, and floral wire for the legs. (If you don't have wooden spools, I bet you could use wine corks, old film canisters or something else of similar shape and size.)

Cut out a little bird body and decorate it, then tape it to your spool with double-sided tape. Use some single-sided tape to glue the feathers to your bird's butt. (We stole ours from our chickens.)

Now comes the tricky part - the legs. You're supposed to use cloth floral wire but I couldn't find any so I have non-cloth covered wire. Cut about an 18 inch length and wrap it a couple of time around your spool, then bend the ends into little turkey feet. My wire was easy enough to bend but really hard to make the bird stand without tipping over. So, get the cloth-covered wire or, maybe, your kid won't care. My girl didn't care because her turkey can FLY!

Elena's Spool Turkey

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