I'll be honest with you - on day 5 of making turkeys to decorate our house for Thanksgiving, we're a little tired. My kid has wandered off (3-year-olds aren't known for their outstanding attention span) and I would like to get the googly eyes off my kitchen table (and out of the carpet and unstuck from the cat).

So, today the super-easy pine-cone turkey.

You've got the beaks, wattles and googly eyes left over from your other turkey projects, right? Hopefully your chickens don't run from you like crazy when you go out to harvest one last batch of feathers (I know it's cold out, I'll knit you chickens all sweaters later, okay?)

Glue all that stuff on a pine-cone in any order and placement that looks sufficiently turkey-like to you and you are ready for Thanksgiving!

(Oh, unless you need to do some cooking or something. Are the guests expecting to be fed?)

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