Like no kidding this was mind boggling to me!

When my house burned down back in February we had to live in a hotel.  The one we stayed in the longest was nice but it wasn't a Hilton or anything like that.

When our house was all set to go and we could move in, I was more than ready.  I'd had enough of hotel living and was anxious to be in a place that I could actually call home.  It's been so nice to be in my own (new) bed with sheets I picked out.  You don't realize how good it feels to have those things after you've gone without.

Anyhow, I told my mom I never wanted to see white sheets and white towels ever again. That's the standard in hotels but I'm going for bright, bold colors.  The one thing I said I was going to miss and this was a total joke because it didn't happen where we stayed, was having my bed made everyday and finding a mint/candy on my pillow.

So I got home yesterday and dropped my stuff off in my room.  My bed was made but not the way I had done it in the morning.  Check out the photo to see what was on my pillow.


Katie Kartak/TSM


My mom has a pretty good sense of humor -- she left that for me and had taken care of washing my sheets. She did the same for my sister along with a note that told her to clean her room. Too funny!


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