Tomorrow is not only my sister's sweet 16, but it's also April Fool's Day. If you want to pull off the best pranks in the office, you'll have to start planning now. Time is of the essence.

1. Put together a group of pranksters. The best pranks usually require help from multiple people to ensure that the joke is carried out flawlessly. It also helps to get input from multiple people. You can keep each other in check so your prank doesn't get too crazy.

2. Figure out your prank victim. You'll want to prank someone who you know can take a joke. You will want to make sure this person has a sense of humor. If there's any doubt, leave them out. You don't want to pick on anyone or embarrass them.

3. Pick a prank. Make sure that the prank you choose is something that's appropriate for your work environment. You don't want to get yourself fired. Try team based pranks that get multiple people involved.

4. Don't let your prank drag on too long. Timing is everything. There's always a point where a joke looses it's luster. Make sure you give up the jig before it goes from funny to annoying.

Here are a few ideas for good pranks:

  • Have everyone in the office dress exactly the same to confuse the boss.
  • Have everyone in the office call in sick at the same time, and show up anyway.
  • If you're tech savvy, take a screen shot of your boss' home setting on their computer and put it as the background image. Watch as they realize icons don't open with they click them.
That's about all I've got. I'm still trying to think of what prank I'm going to pull off tomorrow. Do you have any good April Fool's Day ideas?

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