Yesterday I needed to grab a couple things from the store so I made a pit stop at Walmart. It was pouring rain out as my husband and I strolled through the parking lot with our umbrella.

I noticed that there was a car running in the parking lot with no one in it. It kind of seemed weird to me. When I looked closer I noticed that there were two really young children sitting in the back seat of the car. They looked like they couldn't have been older than four years old.

They were playing around in the back seat, and I thought,  "shame on whoever just left them in there alone." What would happen if they were to bump something and put the car in drive, or worse?!

So, I decided to sit at the front of the store and keep and eye on the car in case something happened. I really wanted to confront their guardian on how irresponsible it is to leave two little kids in a running car by themselves, but I didn't. I sat a the front of the building with my husband for 20 minutes before, who I assumed to be their mother, finally showed up.

She wasn't by herself either--she was with another girl who appeared to be a teenager. Both of them came out of the store and ran to their car to escape the rain. My blood was boiling at this point. I couldn't believe that she not only left her two little kids in the car, but she also had someone with her that was more than capable of sitting in the car with the children.

If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?


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