If you're on socials you've probably heard of her.  If not, you might want to give her a follow.  The "Boomer Mom" on Tik Tok has nearly a half-million followers and nearly 200k on Instagram.  Plus, she's from right here in Minnesota!

Kristen Knutson of Minneapolis is "Boomer Mom". According to an interview with KARE 11 "I started to realize the differences between how I parent, as a millennial, and how my mom raised me as a boomer. And I just saw a lot of humor in that,” Knutson said.

Photo Credit: KARE 11 via YouTube.com
Photo Credit: KARE 11 via YouTube.com

She says she's not making fun of her Mom, she loves her and had a great childhood.  Her Mom knows it too.  She's just finding the humor in some of the things her Mom did.  When you get right down to it, we all tell funny stories about how our Parents handled different situations.

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There are so many things that I still have fun with in the way my parents raised me and I still tell those stories today. I (and probably most of us) just never thought of acting it out on socials.  But good for Kristen because she's giving people a good laugh and making so many of us remember things fun stories about our parents.  She's also getting interest from other brands that want her to partner with them. Way to go Kristen!



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