Next month Two And A Half Men returns to CBS without Charlie Sheen. It has been confirmed that Ashton Kutcher will replace Sheen on the show, but how will they work that into the script?

What we have heard so far is that Charlie's character will be killed off in the 2-part season premiere. The gossip I have heard has all of Charlie's past loves showing up for his funeral and remembers all of the exploits that Charlie had with them.

Once the funeral is over, Charlie's house will be sold and that's how they will introduce Ashton. CBS confirmed yesterday that his character will be Walter Schmidt, an internet billionaire with a broken heart. Supposedly Walter will buy Charlie's house and that's where things will get crazy.

It still leaves the questions of what will happen to Alan and Jake? Will they continue to live in the Malibu mansion? Will Walter be a new conquest for Rose? And we can only hope that Walter will keep Berta on staff at the house!

I guess we will have to wait until September 19th to find out!

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