I come from a Yule log family. For years, my dad's main concern on Christmas is making sure the Yule log is playing on TV while everyone hangs out at home. We always crack jokes about how hot it is making the room, and when it gets poked or another log is thrown on we all yell like our favorite team scored a touchdown. We are Yule Log crazy.

Our family's favorite Yule log is the one that is on KSTP- 45TV. It plays Christmas music while the fire roars and it just feels like Christmas.

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My family's tradition of watching this program is rooted in the fact that we don't have a fireplace, but I was curious as to the actual tradition behind it. American folklorist Linda Watts provides the following overview of the custom on Wikipedia:

The familiar custom of burning the Yule log dates back to earlier solstice celebrations and the tradition of bonfires. The Christmas practice calls for burning a portion of the log each evening until Twelfth Night (January 6). The log is subsequently placed beneath the bed for luck, and particularly for protection from the household threats of lightning and, with some irony, fire. Many have beliefs based on the yule log as it burns, and by counting the sparks and such, they seek to discern their fortunes for the new year and beyond.

This holiday season I've been dipping my toes into the streaming Yule logs as well. I've been playing the Netflix one the most, but I'm also a huge fan of the Disney+ Arendelle Yule log that looks like it is in Elsa and Anna's castle from Frozen. Here are some Yule log streaming options for you if you don't have cable TV to catch that version:

Netflix: Fireplace for Your Home: Birchwood Edition 

Hulu: Happiest Season: Holiday Yule Log Scenic

Disney+: Arendelle Castle Yule Log 

Prime Video: There are A LOT of Yule log options on Prime Video. See the list here.

Cozy up by the TV, toss your favorite log on the screen and have yourself a merry little Christmas!



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