Popsicles, shmopsicles. Today, how to make Rumchata pudding shots. 

My family loves pudding shots and they were always saying how tasty they were. I wasn't really interested in them, but then someone urged me to try it, so I did and it was gooooooooood, but I had never made them myself. Now we have a party coming up and I am going to make pudding shots, so I figured I would do a dry run over the weekend.

Jen Jacobs
Jen Jacobs

You will need: a measuring cup, one cup of milk, one cup of Rumchata, Cool Whip, pudding (I used chocolate fudge, but you can use whatever kind you like), a blender, a funnel, a squeeze bottle and two ounce portion cups with lids.

Pour one cup of milk and one cup of Rumchata into the blender and turn it on the lowest setting. Carefully remove the lid and slowly add the pudding mix. Stir until well blended. Then slowly add Cool Whip. Keep stirring until well blended.

Put a funnel into a squeeze bottle and carefully pour the mixture into the bottle. You likely won't be able to fit it all in the bottle, so put the blender back on the base and keep it going on the lowest setting. This is to prevent the pudding from setting before it's all in the portion cups.

Quickly squeeze the mix into the portion cups and put the lids on. Place the cups into the freezer to let them set. It's important to keep them cold as they are made with milk and can spoil if not properly refrigerated.

So, how did I do my first time making pudding shots?