I'm a crazy dog lady. I love my dog Norman like he is a human child and he is incredibly spoiled.

Over the weekend I went to TJ Maxx and found a kit that allows you to turn your dog's (or other pet's) paw print into a festive ornament that you can hang on your Christmas tree. And it was only $5. I'd be losing money if I didn't buy at least one, so I did.

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The directions seemed simple enough: roll out the air dry clay, press your pet's foot into it and let it dry. But there were a few snafus in that method. There are directions, and I chose to ignore them for the most part, which wasn't the best thing I could have done. If you want to make your own paw print ornament here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Roll the clay on a flat surface. Carpet isn't flat.
  • Any air-dry clay and rolling pin will work. You don't need to buy a kit.
  • Keep the clay relatively thick. If it's thin the print will warp slightly.
  • Press your pet's paw into it before you cut it out into a fun shape.
  • Glitter doesn't stick to it. If you want it sparkly, you'll need to glue it on once it is dry.

Learn from my mistakes. The good thing is that now I know for next year when I decide to do this craft again, because you know I totally will.

Here is the video of my dog Norman and I getting craft and making a Christmas ornament together. Merry Christmas!

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