Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota.  If you love winter sports you're pretty happy right about now.  But whether you like the outdoors during the winter or not, I think you'll like this idea.  If you have kids, they will definitely like it.  It's perfect fun for a Minnesota winter and a great way to warm up.

Just before the holidays I read an article with this DIY idea.  But I moved on and forgot about it.  Maybe because of how nice it was through December.  But then it just hit me that this is perfect for Minnesota, especially during our extremely cold days.

Photo by unsplash
Photo by unsplash

I'm talking about a hot chocolate bar.  It's brilliant and fun!  You could make the hot cocoa from scratch and keep it warm all day in a crockpot.  Or have hot water available and a variety of different instant cocoa's so people can choose for themselves.

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But the fun part, I think, is the toppings.  Whip cream and marshmallows of course.  Get different flavored marshmallows - like mint or caramel - and get the jumbo and the mini to make it look fun.  I'd probably put crumbled graham crackers out too, for sprinkling on the top.

Put out chocolate chips, or better yet, dark chocolate shavings. How about sprinkles and caramel and chocolate drizzles? Cinnamon sticks or stir sticks that have chocolate on them so it melts when you stir it.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

If it's a gathering of adults, put out a few other "warming" choices. Peppermint schnapps, Bourbon, Kahlua or Baileys would all work well in hot chocolate.

Then it's all about the presentation.  Set it all up on a kitchen island, or the middle of the dining room table. You could even set up a folding table and put a fun tablecloth on it.  I assumed I wasn't the first to think of this so I searched on Facebook and sure enough.


How awesome does that look?!  When the kids come in from playing outside, think of the fun they'd have making their own hot chocolate with whatever toppings they choose.

Or impress your adult friends with a night at your place for games and fun. Add the spirits to your coco bar and watch everyone have fun making their hot cocoa!

More help HERE.

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