He's a corn dog. Get it? I know, I rolled my own eyes too.

The lack of Halloween events has been crushing my soul this year. I love Halloween and creating costumes for my friends and family, and this year, there really isn't a need for them. I took up sewing during the pandemic and was really looking forward to creating something super elaborate this year that wasn't solely held together with glue.

Since I had nowhere to be for the spooky dress-up day, I figured I would put my energy into making my dog Norman's costume stand out. I've made him many costumes in the past that go along with the costumes I make for myself. Examples: when I was a hot sauce packet he was a taco, when I was Princess Peach he was Toad, when my friend group went as the cast of Disney's Hercules, Norman was Cerberus the three-headed dog. I love making costumes.

This year Norman was flying solo in his costume, and I think he was a little self-conscious about it. I wanted him to be something Minnesota-related, but not something you see on a pet store shelf. Babe the Blue Ox was an option, but blue just isn't his color. So I made him something you see a lot of in this great state: corn.

I might be going insane. I'm ready for life to go back to normal, and I think Norman is too.

I Made My Dog a Corn Cob Costume

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