Do you ever wonder how “St. Cloud” you are? Well, now there’s a test that lets you compare yourself to your friends. For every number you say yes to, you get one point. Share this post and tell us how many points you have!

1. Cabbed/Ubered to downtown St. Cloud in the morning to retrieve your car
2. Put blankets on the sidewalk the night before St. Joseph’s 4th of July parade to save your spot
3. Gone to Val’s for french fries
4. Listened to WJON during severe weather
5. Worn a sweat shirt in the summer or shorts in the winter
6. Been to the Benton County Fair
7. Gone to Summertime By George
8. Ridden the coin horse at Coborn’s in Sauk Rapids
9. Pressed the “cow button” at Cash Wise
10. Sat in the giant chair at Gopher Bargain Center
11. Eaten at Little Caesors Pizza
12. Played mini golf at Summerland
13. Been to a St. Cloud Rox game
14. Swam in the quarries
15. Tried to find ghosts at the Skatin’ Place
16. Stayed the night at Holiday Inn on Highway 15
17. Walked around the Crossroads Shopping Center for hours
18. Been on a date to Marcus Parkwood Cinema
19. Been to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese
20. Gone to Munsinger Clemens Garden
21. Took a field trip to the Stearns History Museum or Skatin’ Place
22. Gone snowboarding or tubing at Powder Ridge
23. Tanned at Benton Beach or Warner Lake
24. You’ve seen St. Cloud Superman
25. You’re obsessed with watching movies and TV shows that make reference to St. Cloud
26. You've participated in KVSC's annual Trivia Weekend
27. Gone out to a St. Cloud sports bar to watch a big game
28. You've attended a Tech and Apollo rivalry sporting event
29. Met St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis
30. Checked out Sportsman's Island...or at least know about it

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