Long Prairie kicked off the holiday season last Friday night with a lighted parade down Main Street, but for most of the town, and other small towns, being home for the holidays started Wednesday night.

Thanksgiving Eve might be an even bigger event than actual Thanksgiving. That is the night in small towns where the one bar in city limits turns into a high school reunion. Everyone is home for the holiday and since there is only one place to go, that is where everyone meets up. I totally forgot about this unofficial tradition last week when I went home completely unprepared. I walked into the bar expecting to spend time with my usual group of people, but I walked into a room full of faces I hadn't seen in three years and wasn't expecting to see for at least another three. A lot of small talk was being made.

"Hi Ashley, I haven't seen you in a couple years how have you been?"

"So good, how about you?"

"I am great. So you home for Thanksgiving?"

"Yep! How about you?"

"Yeah, yeah."

~*insert uncomfortable silence*~

"Well we should get together some time and catch up!"

"Yeah for sure message me on Facebook"

"Ok! Bye!"

And this is just the start! It happens all over again once Christmas rolls around! Happy start to the holiday season!

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