I feel like we need to put together a best of Minnesota small-town bars list, just based on how many there seem to be in the land of 10,000 lakes. Edwards, Minnesota population 4, yes FOUR, located in Otter Tail County has one of the coolest bars I've ever seen before. It's set in an old school house, complete with the bell tower, and it offers up just what you'd expect in a town of 4, ice-cold beer, burger baskets, and good times.

The bar, aptly named Ye Olde Schoolhouse, was bought back in May of 2009 "by Bryan 'Sumo' Stetz" and according to the bar's Facebook page "Bryan has cooked professionally for about 26 years."

The old schoolhouse, which was a one-room schoolhouse that was used in the area during a previous life, is decorated how you'd expect it would be, as it's located in Northern Minnesota. Fish and wildlife are mounted around the inside of the bar along with pictures from days gone by.

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Being that it's located in a very small town, the hours are limited to Tuesday-Thursday 5-8pm and Friday - Sunday 11am-8pm with the 'Schoolhouse' being closed on Mondays.

While it may be located in small-town Minnesota that doesn't mean people haven't heard of it. Check out its Tripadvisor ratings and reviews!

It's got a solid 4 out of 5 rating, and other than reviews from what appear to be 3 people that maybe have never been to a small town bar before...let's be honest small town bars aren't really always about the food as they are about the people inside of it, but other than those 3 reviews it appears the burger baskets are a can't miss!

Ye Olde Schoolhouse just made my 2023 roadtip list!

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