Does the "Tis" season stress you out? I'm not too terribly stressed-out; can't spend money if you don't have it, amirite?

A New Survey struck again, this time asking people what they would pay to eliminate holiday stressors from their lives...and it averaged to almost $1500 to make all of the stress go away!


Now this doesn't mean neglecting things that we should do during the holidays; it means we're paying someone else to do them for us.


Breaking it down (because we love our à la carte):

- We'll pay $143 for someone to decorate, inside and out
- We'll then pay them $128 to take it all down
- Wrapping gifts? That'll set you back $96
- A guarantee that your wife/husband/whatever will absolutely adore what you bought them? That'll be $134 on top of the cost of the gift itself
- Get out of buying/cooking/cleaning up the holiday meal for just $146!
- On top of that, we'll fork out an additional $108 for a perfect turkey
- Want a guarantee of no political arguments? $152
- avoid the in-laws for just $158
- most importantly, to rekindle our childhood Christmas spirit will force us to make it rain $259

Grand total for the whole package? $1445

Do you think it's worth it? If I had that much money to blow on de-stressing my holidays, I don't think I'd be that stressed in the first place!

H/T: NY Post

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