Have you had days where the noise and the stress is getting to you more than usual and all you can think is, I could really use some peace and quiet?!

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There's a place in Minnesota that might be just the place for you to get that peace and quiet and I mean QUIET! Have you heard of Orfield Labs in Minneapolis? I had not, until I saw this on Facebook:

Now I'm not sure exactly how long ago this particular meme was made, but there are a few inaccuracies to it now. For instance, after researching a bit, I found out that it no longer is the quietest place in the world. According to Atlas Obscura

As of 2015, that title now belongs to a quiet room developed by Microsoft in Washington state.

Oh and the official title is "the quietest place on earth" not world, my bad. Regardless, the room is very quiet.

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But is it too quiet?

If you go based off the meme, it doesn't seem like the kind of peace and quiet you are really looking for. Especially if the longest anyone has actually stayed in there is 45 minutes. Which that too doesn't appear to be true. Reading in the comments under the shared meme a worker wrote:

I'm Emma Orfield of Orfield Labs. The rumors about 45 minutes are false, although, it is a test to your own awareness and is mystical.


We're always welcoming folks to join us for a tour or time in the chamber.

Though they offer tours to visit the room, the room itself is mainly used, as reported by Atlas Obscura, "for product testing and development. Companies like Harley Davidson use the lab to create quieter bikes that still sound like a Harley, for instance".

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With all that said and done, how long do you think you could handle the "peace and quiet" this room offers? Personally, I don't know if I'd last that long. I can't even sleep without a fan running for white noise. My idea of peace and quiet, would be a hot yoga room with low, mediating music and my thoughts being left behind. In this particular "quiet" room, I think my own thoughts would be screaming too loudly and it wouldn't actually be peaceful at all. But hey if you're up for the challenge, learn a little more on this room HERE.

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