I'm headed to wedding this weekend, Brittany is a bridesmaid and I've met the bride a handful of times, but never the groom.

I'm a pretty outgoing person when it comes to meeting new people, but a wedding seems like an awkward place to meet the groom for the first time. Brittany is fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding this weekend... Brittany has been friends with the bride-to-be, Chelsi, since high school and now she gets to stand next to her when she marries her best friend.

That's great news and I'm not trying to sound greedy and make this about me, I just don't know a sole that will be there. I'll be the guy sitting alone at the ceremony and then at a table during the reception with a group, who again, I don't know.

It might be weird and awkward, but I'm taking it as a chance to meet some new people who have known Brittany for a long time... let the dirty secrets pour out!! And you know what is going to make it easier to talk to a bunch of strangers until the bridal party breaks away from their table and the dance begins... BEER.

What do you do when you're at an event with your significant other, you have to be split apart for a while and you have no idea who anybody is?

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