It's not every day that you'll find a Minnesota brewery in People Magazine, but it happened recently in an engagement notice for a Dancing with the Stars dancer and one Minnesota-born actor! You have to love that Bent Paddle Hat!

Image Credit: Bent Paddle Brewing Co via Facebook & Paul Shea/TSM Screengrab
Image Credit: Bent Paddle Brewing Co via Facebook & Paul Shea/TSM Screengrab

Duluth's Bent Paddle Brewing Company wrote the congratulatory note on December 30th on their Facebook page, and Daniel Durant, a Duluth-raised actor, has already responded to the offer of free beer.

It’s not everyday you spy Bent Paddle merch on People but it’s for the best reason ever because Duluth native actor Daniel N. Durant is now engaged to his Dancing with the Stars love Britt Stewart !!! Congrats to the beautiful couple and their beautiful families - the beers are on us next time you’re in town!

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Durant responded to the offer by writing:

Thank you and looking forward to having a drink with my Duluth people!

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According to Durant's official online biography, "Daniel was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. He attended mainstream schools in Duluth before transferring to the Minnesota State School for the Deaf in 8th grade. Daniel graduated from MSAD in 2008 and attended RIT in Rochester, NY and Gallaudet in Washington, DC."

Durant has appeared on television in the series Switched at Birth and more recently the film CODA.

Durant's future wife also has seen plenty of success in the entertainment industry, according to her IMDB page:

Britt Stewart, dancer, educator, choreographer, dance arts advocate. Before joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars, Britt got her start in the entertainment industry as a principal dancer in all three of Disney's original High School Musical movies. 

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