Last week I asked if you'd ever drive for Uber in St. Cloud, even though it could be a dangerous job. The results were surprising as hundreds of you responded.

Here was my take:

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is a taxi cab driver, and Uber is pretty much a fancy version of that.

I worry about the drivers of Uber in St. Cloud. Sure, the company really has some strict requirements of people that can use the service, and even though a passenger may have a clean Uber record, it doesn’t mean at some point they won’t do something dangerous that causes harm to the driver.


Think about it. You’re driving and have complete strangers in your car. You are completely vulnerable. Uber drivers have had guns and knives pulled on them. They’ve been assaulted by passengers, verbally and physically…there’s no way I’d ever want to see anybody I know become an Uber driver.

Even with that being a potential danger, many people said they'd STILL drive for Uber (or Lyft, same type of service). Here's the results...

60.8% - Yes, I could use the money and willing to take the chance.
39.2% - No, I would never do it and not worth the money.

So maybe the benefits outweigh the risks to many around here. One of these days I'll give it a shot, but as a passenger.

If you're interested in driving, here's the link to get signed up. Be sure and let us know what you experience if you decide to give it a shot as a driver!

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