One parent in Holdingford, Minnesota recently shared a frightening experience she encountered with a stranger in her yard, and it's going viral.

Crystal Nienaber took to Facebook on September 21 to warn parents of a possibly dangerous situation.

Nienaber wrote, "Today we had a man come into our yard saying he was lost but couldn't remember where he was going! He asked multiple times if he could buy our children."

She went on to say, "This man drove in my yard right up to my oldest, got out and started walking toward him, he then looked around and saw I was there and started walking toward me."

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Nienaber says the man complimented her son, calling him 'adorable' and asked how much it would cost to buy him. He allegedly referenced buying her son and the other children several times.

Many commenters online pointed out that the man may have had dementia. However, Nienaber says she called 911 immediately after the stranger left her property and authorities allegedly told her that they had a report of the same man stopping at another person's home about an hour prior. However, the man was allegedly driving a different vehicle at the time.

Nienaber says she wasn't able to get a license plate because she was focused on being aware of where the children were at the time and ensuring their safety.

The post has been shared over 1.2 thousand times by people throughout the community gaining hundreds of reactions.

Laurie Anderson said, "You did a good job. Someone with dementia isn't likely to ask to buy a child. Some people just don't get it. Thank you for watching out. I praise you!"

Tera Przybilla commented, "I was in Sauk Centre a couple weeks ago and an old guy in a store asked me several times if he could buy my daughter. I thought it was the strangest thing to say. Having this happen in your own yard is beyond scary! I hope he is caught."

Haley Power wrote, "He stopped at our house today! He was wearing a Grey Eagle baseball cap with a feather in, grey sweatshirt, and was driving a maroonish SUV crossover, like Buick, I live outside holdingford. He asked for directions to Holdingford."

It's a good reminder for parents to always be aware of where your kids are and their surroundings. If you see anything suspicious, you should contact your local authorities.


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Today we had a man come into our yard saying he was lost but couldn’t remember where he was...

Posted by Crystal Nienaber on Monday, September 21, 2020

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