On September 4th, 2023, The Tiny Diner, located at 1024 East 38th St, in Minneapolis, posted to their social media pages that they would be closed until March of 2024, to work on repairs, maintenance, and remodeling of the Tiny Diner space. They said they were targeting a re-launch in March to reopen a refreshed and vibrant space.

Shortly after that post, people were commenting that they had already seen the restaurant was up for sale, and were sad to see that happen. One of the first comments was, "Just saw you put the place up for sale. I'm sad. It's just a couple blocks from where I used to live. My partner and I would ski there on days when there was enough fresh on the sidewalks in wintertime.
I'll miss the dagwood, the shakes, and the many good people who helped us through the years. COVID made things a lot harder to keep Tiny Rolling originally. Thanks for turning an old gas station into a wonderful place for the community for a decade!!!!" ~Donavan

Loopnet.com Listing Agent Kim Bartmann
Loopnet.com Listing Agent Kim Bartmann


The Tiny Diner responded at that time saying that they were still going to open in the spring. Will this still happen?

Will someone with the same vision for The Tiny Diner come forward, and keep the diner on track for its original purpose? The Tiny Diner produced energy with their patio roof/solar array, to increase urban soil fertility, and create a natural habitat for pollinators and urban wildlife in what they considered their backyard.

They were all about showcasing urban farming methods and efficiency in water use strategies through their edible gardens and rainwater catchment systems. They say on their website that the Diner was designed to "Provide a renovated example of whole system design: low impact, educational, and tangibly tasty."


According to Loopnet.com, the Tiny Diner has an 88-seat solar array covered patio and 60 indoor seats.

The property is still for sale and is listed for $975,000 for the one-story property. The location has high scores for walkability and is listed as a 'Biker's Paradise." There is also nearby access to the bus line, is a corner lot, has storage space, AC/HVAC, the rooftop terrace, and the restaurant.

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