Remember last month when Heggie's Pizza declared war on Papa John's?

It's still on.

With the Super Bowl fast (but not fast enough) approaching, I remembered the challenge that sent pride throughout the state.

It all started when Papa John's -- in the midst of losing a Twitter war with DiGiorno pizza --changed it's bio to "Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy".

Most Minnesotans that I know give the cheesy edge to Heggie's.


So what kind of dimwitted quit-witted response did Papa John's come up with?

Nothing. Kinda disappointing.

Heggie's isn't backing down, though! The challenge is still on, with owner Shawn Dockter saying he'd, "...rather send them home with a participation trophy versus a non-participation trophy. That would be a bit ironic.”


(Big) Game on!

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