Betting can be long as you can keep it under control and not bankrupt yourself.

With the Super Bowl finally getting over with this weekend, there's no shortage of things to bet on. Here are a few of the "prop bets" for the big game.

Prop Bet #1: P!nk's hair color

Really? Yeah. It gets weirder from here on. Odds are that it'll be white or blonde. Wouldn't it be perfect if it was purple? Asking for a friend.

Prop Bet #2: Number of Tweets from President Trump

Filed under "bets that have nothing to do with the game," the over/under on the number of tweets is five...for the entire day, not just the game. I'll take the over!

Prop Bet #3: Patriots coach Bill Belichick's shirt color

Filed under "lame sauce bets," the odds are ever in the favor of grumpy wearing a blue shirt.


Prop Bet #4: Will halftime performer Justin Timberlake perform a Prince song?

He'd better! The oddsmakers say no. I'll reiterate: HE'D BETTER!

Prop Bet #5: How many times with the term "wardrobe malfunction" be mentioned during the TV broadcast?

Good grief. Remember that one time in 2004 when Timberlake ripped an oddly-placed piece of clothing off of Janet Jackson? I've been trying to block that out, too. Nonetheless, odds folk put the over/under at 1.5.

Pro Bet #6: Which will be higher: the temp outside at kickoff or the total points scored in the first quarter?

Sunday's projected temp at kickoff is currently at 4 above. Still, the bettin' peeps say that the temp will be higher at kickoff than the total first quarter points.

If you want more wacky prop bets to wager shots on, just google it. If you're the serious betting type, then check out ESPN's game-related prop bets.

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