This picture was posted on Facebook on the "Quirky Minnesota Places" group. This is something that you may drive past and wonder what the reason is for the boots on fenceposts. From the Facebook post:

Near Glenwood, MN. This row of old boots was started by a farmer who would post his worn out boots on the edge of his field. After he passed, his family continued the tradition in his honor.

Driving by something like this, the first thing I would think of is that this is to honor someone(s) who have since passed.  And it kind of is.  There were several comments on the post on Facebook.

The comments state that this has been around for 25 years or more, and people often pass this fence while driving to Alexandria.  It is to honor farmhands who have since passed away.  There were some questions as to what it was, and now there are answers.  People also posted that they loved driving by it when they were younger, and always knew about where they were when they would pass by, as it is a landmark.

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One person posted that they have seen this before in other areas.  He said he thought it was to prevent injury to a horse or cow.  But now knows the backstory.

The Alexandria Press shared a story about the boots on the fence.  This was back in 2015.  It's called Boot Hill.

“Boot Hill” is located in Glenwood along Highway 29. Ted and Suzanne Blair started placing their family’s boots on the fence posts that outline their land more than a decade ago. It has since grown to be an area landmark to which anyone is welcome to contribute. (Annie Harman | Echo Press) 

According to this story, not only has the original farmer's family been adding to the fence, but others in the area have been adding to it as well.  It's become a landmark in the area to honor people who have passed, and anyone is welcome to contribute.

Makes me want to take a drive out to the area to see this.

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