If you've driven south along I-94 near Monticello recently, you may have noticed a huge horse and stage coach metal display. It's life-size, it's elaborate and it's pretty breathtaking.

And, it's safe to say the two stallions pulling a stagecoach have caught the attention of several passersby who all have been asking the same question...what's the story?

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At least, that's what BM Babej wanted to know after his wife Jae Babej snapped some really cool photos of the cowboy scene. He reached out to the Facebook community for answers, writing, "does anyone know the story on this art work along I-94? It's incredible!"

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The Monticello Times had the scoop. The metal horses and stagecoach were installed by Keith Yeager, a Monticello resident who is now retired from the Monticello power plant.

According to the Monticello Times, Yeager bought the metal artwork, which was made in Mexico, from someone in Arizona and decided to display it where everyone could see it. Several people have stopped by to snap photos, take selfies and ask questions about it.

It's a pretty awesome display full of intricate details. The wagon, horses and cowboy look life sized. Give it a quick unsuspecting glance from the highway and you might think you saw a real scene from out west.

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The article also noted that the display will be growing this fall, "...two more horses will be arriving on the property soon."

It's definitely a unique attraction that's getting noticed in Monticello. Thanks for giving us all something fun to look at, Keith!

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