A new survey says that husbands make more secret purchases than wives. So, what are we secretly spending money on? 

I will admit it. I have bought something and didn't tell my husband. Mostly it's just clothes, shoes, makeup or hair products. You know, the usual girlie stuff. The thing is, I don't run up the cards and I don't go crazy spending all of our money. If I see something and it's over a certain dollar amount, I always talk to Glen about it first.

I remember once I was looking for a dress for a benefit gala he was emceeing and I found one that made me feel like a princess.  When I got to the register I found out how much it cost. After my pulse slowed down, I swiped my card and said, "Well, if he says I have to bring it back I will". Glen and I had a talk and then he said I could keep it. I apologized over and over and over again, but I knew I would feel really guilty if I bought it and didn't tell him.

A new survey says that it's actually husbands that make more secret purchases than wives.

So, what are they spending their money on?

Now, the survey didn't say if it was secret spending on a secret significant other, but vacations, car stuff, hobbies, clothes and a night out rounded out the top five.

The reasons why everything was kept a secret was to avoid arguments, and even though men seemed to make more secret purchases, it was actually women who were better at hiding their secret spending. Over half of men have been caught making secret purchases, versus just a third of women.

Have you ever made a "secret" purchase?