This is a true story, and it's a helpless feeling when you have no way to get back into your running car. Here's a couple ways to get into your car in a bind.

My story starts like this...

It was a late night in the winter and friends and I were out on the town. I'm used to my wife's car having a keyless entry code on her car door to get in, so I started the car and cranked the heat, then locked it and shut the door while I went inside and let the car warm up. A few minutes later we all walked out and I then realized we took my car, and not my wife's. I don't have a keyless entry on my car, and we were locked out with it running.

About 20 minutes later, and asking everybody who had a jimmy to open my car, and guy said he knows a trick with a tennis ball to unlock the door. Thinking he's crazy, I had to see this. He said he's seen this on a video and everybody says "IT WORKS!". After a sore hand he finally gave up. Still no luck and gas is starting to run low. A guy walked out who drives a tow truck and said he has something in his car - the same device in the above video! We were on our way in 5 minutes and it worked flawless.

The video above shows how to do this same thing in an emergency, in hopes you don't have to go through the same embarrassment I went through. If you have an older car, then see the video below!

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