Some people should never host a Christmas dinner. Canned cranberry sauce? Sure. Canned corn? I'm down with that.

Canned...everything? NO.

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Ever been so angry you protested in your robe? (Getty Images)

I've had breakfast for dinner (brinner), and I've had an entire meal be from a single can (chili/soup/beer)...but never like this.

Introducing: Christmas Tinner! It's a meal in a can! It is LITERALLY an entire MEAL in a CAN.

Credit: Chris Godfrey
Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!! (Credit: Chris Godfrey)

That's right: those layers are your full Christmas dinner. In fact, it's part of your entire Christmas Day of meals.

From Top to Bottom

- scrambled eggs and bacon
- two mince meat pies
- turkey and potatoes
- gravy
- bread sauce (WTF is that?!)
- cranberry sauce
- Brussels sprouts OR broccoli with stuffing
- roast carrots and parsnips
- Christmas pudding

Creator/psycho/possible genius Chris Godfrey says that this isn't a joke. It's specifically tailored for video gamers who just can't stand to be away from their consoles for the all of those excruciating minutes it takes to eat.

Maybe it's healthier than Doritos and Mountain Dew, but...I don't know. I really don't. And that's why it's today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

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