Once you become a parent yourself, you have a new perspective on life. You wonder; am I doing a good job? Are my children prepared for life on their own? Have I done enough?  Everyday, I'm humbled and thankful that I had the kind of parents most people dream of having; I hope that most of you have had these kind of experiences in your life; For those of you that didn't, I always say; You can learn from both bad and good experiences..and become what you want to be.

The older my kids get, the more I really doesn't get any easier does it? You worry contemplate errors in your judgement.

You can now see your own children with a perspective of YOUR parents, and their thoughts and views about being good parents.

So Dad...

You did a great job. You singing silly songs every morning to get us out of bed  when we were kids was awesome. Racing you, learning how to play cards, War and Rummy 500..You always won! (So did MOM)!

I was a terrible loser...but you taught me that losing is okay...You just fight to get better. I love watching you laugh hysterically when you try to tell the story of me trying to swim on the swim team. Yep...I was swimming like hell...but staying in the same spot...It's so true! I wasn't built for speed.

I caught my first fish with you...and now I love to go fishing. I'm hoping that we will still be able to have some fishing adventures.

You always work so hard...I remember you getting up and going to work...rushing in to change your clothes and head out into the field til it was dark..and then rushing back in for supper and heading to bowling or softball. I couldn't believe how you could just go and go. And you still do!  It's just who you are!

Learning how to to play catch....I might not be great at any of those things..but I can do them!  You are always there for me....I still remember the smile on your face when I won the competition at the State Fair back in the 80's....It was a smile I lived for.

Just want you to know....You are my man hero! You are what I hope my kids can become. Responsible...Fun...Confident...and enjoying life!  Love you Dad!

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