Gotta wish a happy birthday to one of my favorite comedians, actors and directors...Melvin Kaminsky who turns 86 today. Who's Melvin Kaminsky you ask? Why it's Mel Brooks of "Blazing Saddles" and "Spaceballs" fame! How big of a fan would you say I am? My wife bought me the Mel Brooks box-set of 9 movies for Father's Day! From "Young Frankenstein" to "Robin Hood-Men In Tights" I laugh my way through the gags, puns, innuendos and bawdy humor every single time I watch them. Thank you Mel for all the hilarity and May The Schwartz Be With You! (Only a true Mel Brooks fan will understand that one.) Here are some of my favorite scenes from some of his movies. Be advised there are a couple of instances of strong language in some of these clips.

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