During crazy times, it is always reassuring to see neighbors helping neighbors. Granite City Food and Brewery in St. Cloud is doing what they can to help out families in need during the upcoming state wide school shut downs. 

In a post on their Facebook page from Sunday, March 15th, Granite City offered free lunch to kids who need it in the St. Cloud area.

Dear Friends,

As we all know, spring break is upon us and Governor Walz has closed schools temporarily in an attempt to control the spread of COVID 19 as well. We believe this is the right decision, but also understand that it may present challenges to families in the communities we serve. We'd like to help.

If you are concerned about ensuring your children have lunch, stop by Granite City Food and Brewery-St. Cloud. Every kid can receive a free lunch that contains a turkey sandwich, chips, and applesauce. Completely free, no other purchase is necessary. Just ask for a Manager and we will be happy to make it happen.

Valid at Granite City Food and Brewery in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

We are all in this together,

- Your Local Management Team

In the wake of stores running out of food, basic supplies, and toilet paper, and all the crazy news about COVID-19, it is refreshing and calming to see stories like this happening in our own backyard.

Thank you Granite City Food and Brewery for being a shining light in the community during a time of need.

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